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Coping with a serious injury is difficult enough, so let North East Massage take care of all the details of your medical massage treatments.

*  We verify all insurance coverage and expertly handle all other insurance issues so that you  won't have to.
*  Provide regular progress reports to your referring healthcare provider, attorney and insurance company.
*  Document the care you receive so that you have the highest probability of demonstrating to the powers that be that your care is medically necessary.
*  Medical massage will decrease the possibility of future pain, scar tissue and deformity.

Medical massage for auto accident victims
If you have been in an automobile related accident, you may request your doctor to prescribe massage therapy as part of your treatment plan. Massage can address the stress that goes with traumatic event like a car accident, and it can help address many of the strains, sprains and other injuries common in a motor vehicle related incident.

Typically, the goals of medical massage therapy in injury recovery are to:-
*  Reduce stress
*  Reduce pain and swelling
*  Improve circulation
*  Improve range of motion

Immediately after a car accident, massage therapy can help you recover by helping to restore balance to your autonomic nervous system-i.e. the relaxation benefits of massage can help reverse the effects that the shock and trauma of a car wreck can have on your nervous system. Massage also promotes circulation of both blood and lymph, which can help manage the swelling (edema) that usually comes with auto accident injuries. During the sub-acute stage (a few days to a few weeks following the accident), massage can help maintain and may prevent the formation of scar tissue and other myofascial adhesions. Medical massage also addresses specific musculoskeletal injuries like whiplash, neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder sprains/strains etc.

Because no two car accidents are the same, and everyone responds differently, treatments are adapted to your unique needs. Many factors (the severity of the accident, the extent and nature of your injuries, your daily activities, etc.) affect your recovery, and will be accounted for in your care.

Following a car accident you may be in distress not only because of your injuries, but also because you may be unable to fulfill your normal work, family and other obligations. “Normal life” has probably gone by the wayside as you deal with doctors, insurance companies, personal injury attorneys, auto body shops, and other people you never wanted to meet! The last thing you need is added stress, so a comfortable and understanding environment is created to promote and aid the healing process.

Common injuries

The most common injuries seen in my practice due to auto accidents are:-

*low back pain
*myofascial pain
*shoulder strain/ sprain
*cervical strain/ sprain
*thoracic strain/sprain
*lumbar strain/sprain

The whiplash injury to the neck or cervical strain/sprain is by far the most common injury that results from a car accident.

Sprains and strains are referred to as soft tissue injuries (soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments) and occur when the head is abruptly jerked back and forth.

The ligaments, discs and muscles that support the spine can be torn and injured in an automobile accident.

The nervous system that is encased by spinal bones of the neck can become stretched and irritated. The damage to the spine and surrounding soft tissue can result in symptoms including: blurry vision, hearing problems, dizziness, and pain and tingling in the arms and hands, headaches, decreased ability to turn the neck, and lower back problems.

Soft tissue injuries can cause severe debilitating pain after a car accident and if it is not directly addressed with soft tissue therapy such as medical massage, the injured muscles and other soft tissues can end up causing chronic pain for months, years - even decades after the original accident.

Injured muscles heal with scar tissue that leaves them weaker, less elastic, and prone to re-injury and pain.

Medical massage therapy helps to restore muscular strength, flexibility, and normal function.

Call Now a Free In-Office Consultation 727.525.0040


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